Cartographer Technical Specifications

We have developed an extensive and reliable Application Programming Interface (API) to address many data needs.  Examples are: basic data cleansing, parsing and formatting names, dates, addresses, zip codes, social security numbers, currency, removing duplicates and validating data.

We specialize in: Java, PostgreSQL (including stored procedures), Linux/Unix (various flavors), Windows and the miscellaneous languages and tools that go along with these technologies.  Protocol supported for data transfers include: FTP, SFTP, FTPS and others are available.

Complete logging for Linux/Unix (various flavors) systems via SYSLOG, Windows Logging, E-Mail, custom formats via files and socket connection logging.

Cartographer is backed by a SQL database as a standalone database or integrating with your current PostgreSQL installiation. Scripting with JavaScript can be configured via the user interface and executed during data conversion. Formatting of data fields conform to the standard Java and C/C++ printf style formatting syntax.